The Tournament is directed by Anne and Charles Marien who succeeded in 2000 to Philippe and Véronique Roberti de Winghe, the original creators of this Event.

Historically the purpose has always been to promote youngsters golf at international level but also to emphasize volunteer work among the youngsters of the Club. Drivers for the shuttles, hostesses at the welcome desk, score reporters on the course, littles hands at the score board without forgetting the young pitchmarks repairers are all part of this army of youngsters serving effectively under the command of their Tournament mother, Anne Marien.

Each year Anne and Charles are demonstrating how it is possible to set up a top quality event with very young people supervised by a very light staff of adults. The high reputation of the Tournament has crossed all over Europe and even the Atlantic as through the years, more than 40 nations have competed in this Belgian International Juniors. The players level is increasing year after year so that the pre-selection is now made according to the world amateur golf ranking.

Up to 2005, the Tournament was played in Match Play which reflects the best the original spirit of the game of golf. Unfortunately, as the general level of the competitors increased, it was observed that Match Play was also introducing a chance factor which could eliminate some very good players after one weaker round or when faced to a lucky one. Therefore it was decided to re-format the Tournament to a 72 holes Stroke Play crowning the best player through 4 rounds in a classical way.

In 2008 an other major change occurred. It was indeed also observed that young players are coming sooner and sooner to a very high level but that this level was often decreasing after the age of 18 because of superior studies. Therefore it was decided to lower the age limit from 21 to 18.

The International Juniors of Belgium carry on attracting the best Juniors of Europe. In recent years we have seen competing or winning young players who are now confirmed pros on the European Tour like Thomas Pieters, Branden Grace, Joachim Brand Hansen, Nicolas Colsaerts, Graeme Mc Dowell and many others.

The Tournament is an official date in the EGA calendar counting for the WAGR.